So You Want to Talk About Faith


Someone has written requesting to come to Holding Institute to share Christ with the migrants who are passing through our doors for a brief time to receive some basic material aid and a bit of a time of rest. This person feels that he/she is qualified to introduce people to Christ.

 Well now, I wonder. From hearing various women talk about their experiences, I have come to the conclusion that they could not have come as far as they have without an absolutely iron-clad faith in God. Riding on top of a train for two days and nights straight with an 8 year old child is putting God to the test in a pretty big way. We are told that about 1000 people start in southern Mexico on the top of each train that goes out and there are around 20 trains per day. A fair share of them do not make it to the border. One person related seeing a child fall off the train after having fallen asleep. He tried to run and grab the ladder, but was sucked under as many people, including her, watched.

To undertake a journey from Honduras with a three year old and a six year old at 8 ½ months pregnant seems to me to be the most audacious statement of faith that a human being can make. This woman floated across the Rio Grande in an inner tube after her mother sent $1500 to pay a coyote (who couldn’t buy life jackets for the kids!) and then climbed a 30 foot embankment behind the Laredo McDonald’s, holding her three year old, only to be apprehended by Border Patrol and served a notice to appear in immigration court in 30 days.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAt least we were able to offer her a shower, some different clothes and a stuffed animal for her little boy and a doll for the little girl. But faith, and hope for a better life— she has got more than I will ever have!




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