Home Sweet Home

In our recent meeting of the ecumenical group involved in the Laredo Humanitarian Relief Team we received some sobering news from our friends at Catholic Social Services.

Remembering that for any immigrant there are push-pull factors, we realize that for the youth who are coming, the same dynamic exists.  Pulling many youth is the promise of a reunion with a parent or other family member who has promised to give him or her a place to call home.  Becky of CSS noted that as the children and youth are be united with these family members, the result is not always as felicitous as might be expected. She is receiving word through her contacts of children running away or getting in trouble.  Sometimes the families are poor themselves and are stretched even thinner economically with another mouth to feed. We are on the alert that we may need to share what we have been gathering for the immigrants.  

A long anticipated reunion can hold consequences for which no one has planned.  



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