Ready to Head to the Border

Children from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala who are unaccompanied are being housed in San Antonio at the air force base.  The UMC missionaries Dr. Juan Guerrero and his wife Alexandra Castro came from Honduras to southern Texas to speak to supporting congregations for several weeks.  They were able to meet some of the children from Honduras housed at the air force base, a moving experience for all of them.

I am here in New Braumfels for the night with missionary Becky Harrell, who is South Central Jursidictional Mission Interpreter.  When President Obama came to Austin, near her town, he didn’t go to the border, which upset many activists who advocate for the new refugees.  Two young people stood up to invite him to come, but his apparent indifference has disappointed those who worry about the future of the young border crossers.

Here in the United Methodist Community of south Texas, more churches and towns like First UMC of Laredo are seeing many needs. I am going to be a part of the humanitarian response of First UMC in Laredo and its Holding Institute, which are part of a collaborative effort in Laredo.  United Methodist leadership is preparing plans for organizing a response along  the border. They find that New Mexico, Arizona and California border churches are reaching out for help. There are even calls for help coming from as far away as Nebraska!

Tomorrow I arrive in Laredo to see what is happening beyond the news media impressions.  I pray that God will show me the best way to help. I am inspired by all of the efforts of the United Methodists that I have heard from so far in Laredo.   I hope that  many of you in Iowa will consider involvement in efforts of our sister churches here in Texas.





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